1. At the beginning of each section read the questions carefully before the recording starts. This will help you to follow the recording and identify the answers.
  2. When listening session will start always listen carefully to your examiner that what he/she is saying.
  3. It will help you to crack listening test.


  1. To improve your reading skills you must have to read any topic daily or chapters so that during exam you can read topics very well. This will help you to read easily and quickly.


  1. Be careful to always use your own words during writing exam. The words will not be include those are copied by another students by the examiner.
  2. When you start writing before that you must think what you have to write about that topic.
  3. Words should be in your own language and Clear and Precise.


  1. For speaking test you must understand that how you can improve your speaking skills by practice.
  2. You can improve your speaking skills by talking with your friends or with your office colleagues, or at work and on the mobile.
  3. In speaking test the examiner just check your skills and ideas that how you are using those skills and ideas while speaking about the topic.